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Chinotto di Savona, candied fruit,
marron glacès, fruit mustard


Besio: a synonym for candied fruit
and Chinotti since 1860

LOGO BESIO CHINOTTO SAVONAThe company “Besio” has been synonymous with quality, candied fruit and Chinotti for more than a century.

Around 1877/1880 Vincenzo BESIO, already a grocer and confectioner with his own business in Savona from 1860 onwards, learns about the techniques of candying used at Silvestre Allemand & c. (a French company producing candied goods which relocated to Savona in 1877) and starts to apply these himself.
After elaborating the knowledge and competences in this processing, which led to rapid success, he decides to dedicate his focus entirely onto the candying and to renounce his former activities. Thanks to the good personal relationships established he sends his son Benedetto Ernesto to France to have him enhance his skills further.

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